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Highfield gin

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We are a family run business, based just outside the historic town of Melbourne in South Derbyshire. Highfield gin combines the distinctive taste of juniper berries alongside the finest botanicals. We add a twist of citrus that, without a doubt transforms it into a truly outstanding gin.

Our Premium Gins

Crafted With Passion

The Original

Melbourne Gin

Highfield Gin

Our original Highfield Gin is distilled with a fusion of wild botanicals for a smooth and sophisticated flavour.

A Firm Favourite

Rhubarb Gin

Highfield Gin

This Rhubarb gin offers a delicate drinking experience sure to win the hearts of many gin aficionados.

Something Different

Strawberry Gin

Highfield Gin

Distilled with a fusion of wild strawberries for a fresh and sophisticated flavour.

Something Different

Bramble Gin

Highfield Gin

This flavour has become a modern classic! Our Bramble Gin is well balanced with sweet and sour tones.

Get It Right

The Perfect Serve

How To Serve

The Best Gin

Start with a big glass, one with a wide opening to allow the nose to take in all the flavours. For instance a red wine glass otherwise a highball glass will work. It's important to get the temperature of your glass right. It needs to be cold, so add as much ice as you can. Above all, you need to get the measurements right. 50ml of gin and 150ml of tonic is ideal but you can push it to 200ml if you like a longer drink. As for garnishing, you can't go wrong with just a simple classic lime wedge. If you fancy something with a bit of spicy try orange peel and star anise. A firm favourite of ours is sliced cucumber and fresh blueberries, especially on a summers evening.